Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Horrific Prescription for Menopause

A friend of mine believing she had finally reached menopause because of frequently occurring hot flashes that were driving her nuts, made an appointment at her doctor. The doctor set her up to have a hormone panel done. With the positive results of the tests, her suspicions were confirmed, she had indeed reached menopause.

Before we go any further in this article, let me tell you a little about my friend. She is a very joyful woman, is very happily married, has two wonderful kids and a great attitude towards life. Enough about my friend.

Let me tell you her horror story.

So she went to her doctor to discuss her hormone panel results and, after enough reading the research, she decided she wanted to get bioidentical hormones. Her doctor refused and told her they don't work. What her doctor prescribed for her was a rather horrific solution for menopause. Her doctor prescribed Premarin (pregnant horse's urine), a D&C and anti-depressants.

Horrified, my friend left the doctor's office.

We are asking, why would a doctor prescribe anti-depressants to a happy woman? Anti-depressants cause among other side effects: suicidal thoughts, dry eyes and dry vagina. My happy girlfriend said the last thing she wanted was a dry vagina and suicidal thoughts.

We ask also, why would a doctor prescribe a D&C?

The problem overall is that very few doctors understand menopause. Not many doctors stay up to date with the latest findings on menopause and other research. Many ordinary people believe that most doctors finish their Med school and that's it. This particular doctor is in her late 50s, so this doctor would have completed her training about 20 to 25 years ago.

A further problem is that there is not the money to do more research into bioidentical hormones. A further problem is that the all-powerful pharmaceutical companies have seen their profits decline because of the latest negative research on traditional HRT (chemical hormone replacement theory) and would not profit from BHRT because its mixtures cannot be patented. One pharmaceutical giant has even launched legal action against the makers of compounded bioidentical hormones.

So, millions of women in North America and Europe do their own research, find a compounding pharmacy and find a doctor capable of prescribing and monitoring their hormones with BHRT. It's time that governments do the official research. Women are rebelling.

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